AcellFX Acellular Amniotic Membrane for Eyes

AcellFX Amniotic Membrane Builds a Better Foundation for Eyes

At AcellFX, we understand your goal is to provide your patients the best possible visual and surgical outcomes – while providing treatments that are financially sustainable for your practice – and your bottom-line.

And we believe AcellFX Acellular Amniotic Membrane is the better one – for your patients and practice.

After all, second best procedures are built on shaky foundations.

And ocular surface disease is a complex issue comprised of a multitude of factors.

However, we can narrow the focus to a few underlying conditions.

Tear Hyperosmolarity is shown as the starting point to cellular damage.

The cellular damage stimulates the inflammatory/immune response signaling pathways

Inflammation is secondary and contributes to the further reduction of aqueous secretions by closing the lacrimal ducts and decreases TBUT by reducing meibomian and mucin secretions.

The result?

Now we have a vicious cycle of chronic dry eye disease and a negative feedback loop to the brain that must be broken if healing is to take place.

In order to rebuild, the repair process must start with a strong foundation – the epithelial cells of the cornea.

So why AcellFX?

As an eye professional, you understand there is no one solution in treating a chronic non-healing ocular surface. What IS known, however, is without a healthy epithelial cell foundation, a healthy tear film cannot be sustained – and homeostasis cannot be achieved.

Chronic inflammation can cause nerve atrophy in as little as 36 months.

AcellFX can repair the ocular surface with new healthy epithelial cells, and the patient then adopts a home therapy plan consisting of artificial tears and moist heat therapy.

Repairing the damaged ocular surface with AcellFX gives your patients the best opportunity to have long term relief.

After all, the best visual and surgical outcomes are always achieved with healthy a cornea and tear film.


We think AcellFX is the “Better One” – and we’re confident you will, too.

It’s the best choice for your patients and practice – naturally.